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Welcome To NordicChannels is an IPTV subscription provider

for clients from

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

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All Scandinavian TV Channels

We provide all Scandinavian IPTV channels.

Scandinavian VOD

We also have Scandinavian VOD (movies and series) with Scandinavian subtitles.

IPTV Subscriptions

IPTV Subscriptions - IPTV Provider in Sweden

IPTV 1 Month
299 SEK
+2000 TV Channels
+2000 VOD
Swedish speak support
Chat support 24/7
100% Anonymous
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IPTV 12 Month
899 SEK
+2000 TV Channels
+2000 VOD
Swedish speak support
Chat support 24/7
100% Anonymous
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Get more than 2000 TV channels and 2000 VOD!

Get all Scandinavian TV channels - Viasat & Cmore

Device Support

Our IPTV service support these devices

☑ All Smart TVs
☑ Enigma 2 (all versions)
☑ MAG (all devices)
☑ Roku

☑ Android (boxes & apps)
☑ Kodi
☑ Master Box
☑ Web TV List

☑ Android (boxes & apps)
☑ Kodi
☑ Master Box
☑ Web TV List

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mag iptv epg

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Connect the flash Memory into your device MAG 250 254 275. 3. … LOGO and


settings” and change timezone to yours to get the EPG working properly (
electronic …